Testimonilas on Team & Organizational Training

Breakthrough Results

Making the financial commitment to hire you and your staff for business consulting was not an easy decision. Having lost over $500,000 in gross sales from the previous year I was in the most difficult financial fight of my business career. As the owner of three diverse companies I realized we needed help.


Your quick, decisive actions provided the foundation from which we are now building our businesses. The direct result can already be seen within each company I own, in the first two months of 2002 we have already surpassed the entire gross sales for 2001 and we foresee reaching our three year goal this year. We have relocated and restructured a manufacturing facility, which simultaneously lowers overhead by 20% and increases productivity 18%. Lastly, you have created a path, which will enable me to achieve my personal and business goals.


I want to thank you for what you have provided and continue to provide for me and my organizations and I am confident you will remain part of our growth for years to come.



Richard Spencer

Chairman of the Board

Randall Companies


Accountability & Business Plan

Dear Behnam:


This letter represents a couple of things; a letter of recommendation to any company or person that is interested in utilizing Primeco Education as a service as well as acknowledgment for a job well done!

I wanted to take a minute and acknowledge the work that you have done with our company! Although we are a thriving enterprise as well as a training company, we know the value of bringing in other industry experts! We have been on a huge growth path for the past 7 years and with that kind of growth, we were experiencing many challenges and obstacles.


Primeco Education supported us in putting a solid business plan together for the next 1, 5 & 10 years! We have a solid plan of action with milestones, targets and accountabilities! Sometimes the CEO of a company needs to have a coach and an accountability partner. Thank you for being that for me as well as for the President of our company.


I personally have a better sense of how to manage the growth of our company as well as the staff! Thank your for your leadership and dedication to Salon Training International and our sister corporation Your Beauty Network.


Please do not hesitate to call me for references or

recommendations for your services.


Yours in partnership,


Susie Fields, CEO

Salon Training International


Money To The Back

Dear Behnam,


I want to thank you for your commitment to producing results. Your direct, no nonsense approach works and it works really well! As I was doing my business plan last year and I realized I was ready to take my business to a much greater level of profit and productivity. I had had the right team and the systems in place to do it and I still was not doing the numbers I projected. After meeting with you, I was confident that you help me identify the missing elements and get my business on track to an even more satisfying and profitable year. It was one of the best business decisions to date!


After one month consulting my business shifted dramatically. My team and I are producing even better results than I'd hoped. We are not only going to meet the high targets I set for this year, we are going to exceed them. We are making more money, having more fun and using less time than before. Thank you again for results that I can take to the bank.




Chris Heller, President

The Heller Real Estate Group, Inc.



Dream To Reality

Through our team training and coaching event, we formed our Vision. This vision created a strong foundation to take us to the next level. We also realized that effective listening and personal accountability makes for powerful relationships between team members.


More importantly, Primeco's consulting revealed the possibilities of making our dreams become a reality.


Kim Gundaker Magaletta, President

American Image Salon & Spa



Exceptional Leadership

Behnam's leadership and coaching during our staff & team training event allowed the teams in our organization to better understand and communicate with one another. We are now working on building a working environment of exceptional teamwork, thanks to CoachBehnam & Primeco Education.


Mohsen Mokhtari, President

Advanced Salon Visions, Inc.



Organization & Systems

Dear Behnam,


On behalf of Elbanna Factory Distributors, Inc., we would like to thank you for the extraordinary results that you have helped us achieve. As a certified small business as well as a family-owned business in the State of California, we currently represent a large number of manufacturers nationwide with their products in the industrial, safety, and medical equipment arenas. In our eleven-year history we take pride that we have reached $4.2 million in annual sales.


Today we truly feel that our success was caused through our strong determination and our commitment to succeed. As a result of your work, our company has created a vision plan for our enterprise for the next ten years. With this vision our executive body has expanded to include a biomedical engineer, a cardio-thoracic surgeon, an international business consultant /2nd year law student, and a certified public accountant to our pre-existing team.


With our current status as individuals, we have no doubts that we will succeed in life. Today, as one united committed group, we know that we will create an empire. Thank you for discovering us and we look forward to continue working with you.


Best regards,


Rania Elbanna, General Manager



Working As a Familiy

Primeco Education delivered on their promise.


They helped us to create a vision for our company and practices that would make that vision reality. The impact of creating the vision inspired our team to become a family and produce results as a team vs. hard-working individuals.


Our vision is getting fulfilled everyday and out of that we are producing higher results. Working at MEME Enterprises LLC, is a pleasure and people are moved by the company vision and the visions they have created for themselves!!!




Alan Mellor, Partner

MEME Enterprises, LLC


Transforming a Team

Primeco’s two day team training conducted by Coach Behnam transformed our employees into a team of supportive, motivated and caring individuals. Through self discovery, values and an incredible vision we have an empowered team that is working together to achieve our goals as a company.


Behnam's caoching allowed us to see who we were truly being and to realize our full potential.


Tamara Schultz-Snyder, Owner

Merle Norman Cosmetics

Tehachapi, California