Testimonilas on Primeco Coaching Academy

Becoming an Expert Coach

Before I attended Primeco Education’s Coaching Academy, I felt certain I was a good Coach. After being trained at Primeco, I became an Expert Coach. Due to my training, I am confident I have the rock-solid skills, high level knowledge, and invaluable experience that are relevant and necessary to call myself an Expert in my field of Coaching.


It’s different than any other Coach’s training in the marketplace! I highly recommend Primeco Education’s Coaching Academy if you want to stand above your peers and work with clients to make a profound difference in the world.


Aprille Trupiano

Saint Louis, Missouri

International Expert on Leadership


Ability To Hear Behind Surface

The training I received from Primeco Coaching Academy is invaluable, through the training I was able to practice and develop skills to communicate in a direct and loving way. I developed the skills to listen to what is being said and to hear beyond the surface.


The practices and skills that the courses are based on continue to support me on-goingly. This training has been of great value in all areas of my life. If you are ready to take your life to the next level this is the course to create the next level from.


Dawn Ellinwood

San Diego, California


Commando Coach With Wisdom

My journey to being a great coach was ultimately about being really honest with myself and others. It was scary at first, because I didn't think I'd like what I saw when I let down my guard. But the reality is, I just stopped judging what I saw, and chose powerfully what I'm doing, who I'm being, and how I'm relating to others.


Behnam Bakhshandeh is the tough-as-nails commando coach who was ready and willing to take that journey of fire with me. He always called it like he saw it, and never backed away from a moment of transformation. I am forever grateful for his fearlessness, his compassion, his wisdom, and his humanity. Everything I do today is impacted by the training I received from Primeco Education in the Coaching Academy. I don't think I could successfully navigate my new career if I hadn't learned these lessons of strength, honesty, and speaking my truth.


There's a secret to being a great coach, and Behnam can teach you! Primeco Coaching Academy is all about learning to see deeply into the hidden aspects that make us succeed or fail! This is must-have training for new and experienced coaches alike.


Suzanne Tipton Offner

Cedar Falls, Iowa


Producing Greater Results

Through Primeco Coaching academy I grew as a person. I saw many aspects of myself that I was not aware, the way I was thinking and deciding and altimetry the way I am operating. Those insights allowed me to see the same thing on my clients and made me able to make a difference for them. I was able to coach program participants in producing greater results. The more I coached the more I learned and the greater the results we produced!


I am a better person, more effective professional and more compassionate and understanding father and husband out of what I learned during my training in Primeco Education. The Primeco Coaching Academy is a must for anybody who wants to release their inner power regardless of they want to be coach or not!


Alan Mellor

Chula Vista, California


Each Time I Got Stronger

My coaching experience was a journey. I did every personal coaching levels offered and each time I grew stronger, more organized and able to "Live the life I'm Sole Intended."


That was an amazing experience by itself, and after that I join the Primeco Education Coaching Academy to learn how to provide that for others. I learn how to see through and hear the unspoken issues that the person I am coaching could not see or hear. For doing that I had to go through an incredible training and development to see my own greatness.


There were times I wanted to give up… but Behnam leaves no man behind. His coaching team will guide you to the finish.


Arlene Webber

Winter Park, Florida


Intense and Transformational

The Primeco Coaching Academy was unlike any other training I have had before! The program was intense and transformational, but most of all, it was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done for myself in my life.


I did a lot of work on myself during my training and found parts of me that I never knew existed! It will push you and pull you but who you become through the process will amaze you.


Angel Haag

Vista, California