Testimonilas on Individual Coaching

Accopmlishing Goals

I choose to sign up for coaching with CoachBehnam & Primeco Education to impact my actions about setting goals for my life. Even though I am an accomplished manager for a local interior design firm and a leader in my community, setting goals and fulfilling on them seemed like a difficult and time consuming task that I should do, but that I never really liked to do.


The coaching I've gotten from Behnam has shifted my outlook on goal setting and opened up amazing new possibilities for my life. I've been taught tools that I am using in my personal and professional life to plan and fulfill on my dreams in the areas of relationships, finances, health, and career.


Establishing goals for my life have taken on a whole new meaning. I'm creating a new foundation from which to live my life that is constituted in honoring me with every word and action. I have an experience of myself as being a powerful leader in my life and my community. My confidence in myself and what I can achieve in the world has increased dramatically and has not only impacted my personal life but my professional life as well. And most importantly I am at work on fulfilling my dreams as a business executive and professional recording artist. Through my coaching with Primeco I'm creating myself as a person who will settle for nothing less than living an extraordinary life!


Thank You Primeco & CoachBehnam!


Rosenilyne Hopson

Performing Artist



As a Captain for United Airlines and an elected leader in the Air Line Pilots Association, my ability to lead and accomplish what I am committed to has been taken beyond the next level with coaching and consulting provided from CoachBehnam & Primeco Education.


I recommend CoachBehnam with the highest recommendation possible.


Mark Bringhurst

United Airlines Captain


Turning Life Around

When I met Behnam and hired Primeco Education as my coach, things were looking up. For the first time after years of struggle and doubt I was clear about my direction and was making major investments in my business growth. I had hired a wonderful salon manager and assistant and was sparing no expense in their training and development.


Then both quit, followed by 7 hair designers. Within a month my new salon was dark and empty, my partner was demanding a buyout. My dog died. My condo pipes froze. I was cursed, but Behnam helped remove the mystery of my results, and for the first time in my life I could see the clear cause and effect of my choices and beliefs. Behnam’s devotion to me, love of life, his uncanny perception, and uncompromising focus became the hothouse where I would find and reinvent myself now do the work I was born to do – writing and producing, and for good pay. I’ve rented my salon and condo at top dollar…transformed the old animosity with my partner into a leisurely buyout…converted my office into a classroom where I teach my other passion – natural hair care…


I am eternally grateful that Behnam introduced me to my own power. May you, like me, find light and love in the trenches with him.




Naomi Davis

Chicago, Illinois



Dear Behnam,


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your commitment and rock solid support at a very difficult time in my life. I am so happy I had the good sense to ask for your coaching in May of 2001 when my relationship of 10 years ended. I have always thought of myself as strong and self-sufficient. I was sure when life got rough I had everything I needed to get through it all by myself. It became apparent that I could not tough it out this time. I was losing sleep, not doing well at work and questioning everything about my life and myself. I considered counseling or therapy. I was told by my doctor I should give myself at least a couple of years to get my life back to normal and feel ready to move on.


In your usual, direct manner, you said that you could coach me to get that part of my life complete and get on with living my life quickly…if I was willing to do what it took. You stood by me all the way. I won't say it was easy, but I will say it was worth it many times over. Today, I am happy, productive and complete with that part of my past. My friends and family are amazed at how quickly I got back to


living, loving and enjoying my life. That time of my life is in the past where it belongs. The hardships and upset was nothing more than an opportunity to have my life being much happier and more satisfying than it has ever been. I can see that by being willing to look beyond conventional and ordinary thinking, how rapidly my life moved onward and upward. Thanks to you, I didn’t wait two years. Now, a year later, I am living my life fully.


Did I mention the wonderful man that I am married this December? I am loved, adored and appreciated by my husband like I have never experienced. We are building an incredible life together.


With love and respect,


Irene Donnell


Handling Challenges

Since I have taken on Primeco Education's coaching with CoachBehnam I have had huge breakthroughs in many different areas. My productivity at work has benefited greatly. As a coach and trainer in the salon and day spa industry it is so important to be related to your clients and in touch with their needs and challenges while balancing your own goals and objectives.


Primeco Education has given me the structures and insights into myself to be able to handle a challenging and rewarding career. The program is rigorous and very in depth. If you are up for something bigger than yourself in life this is the organization you have to work with.


Thank you Primeco & Behnam.


Steve Gomez,

Trainer & Coach



Creating My Life

Dear Behnam,


I want to thank you for who you are in the world for me. Thank you for standing in that I am whole and complete, and helping me to see that about myself. When I took on your coaching in December 2002 I felt like my life was a complete disaster, on the outside I looked like I have everything together however the battle that was raging with in me was taking it’s toll.


Through your coaching I have confronted how I am not expressing what I need to have my life work and the more I suppress it the more it takes away from who I am. I realize how much I hold back from the people I love and that it a sad, sad thing. I also have taken inventory of my life and have faced the wonderful things I have accomplished and the things I am not proud of. I have also learned through your coaching that who I am is not the things I own or what I have done. I am in action now and creating the life I want instead of dreaming of someday, one day.


Thank you for never giving up on me no matter how bratty I become and for standing in a place of love in order for me to see how powerful I am.


Thank you again.




Dawn Ellinwood

Los Angeles, California


Power, Freedom & Possibility

It has been amazing to work with people who believe in me so much that they are unwilling to allow me to sell out for less than my dreams come true. Since I started coaching with Primeco & Behnam, my productivity in my day-to-day life has increased, I am taking better care of myself in terms of my health, I’ve become clearer about what I want so that I can actually take steps to achieve my goals, and I am more aware of how I impact people so that I can create the type of relationships I desire.


Most of all, I am learning about the numerous and often subtle ways in which I stop myself from living a life that is completely fulfilling and inspiring. I see the power, freedom and possibilities in front of me that I never knew existed.


Susan Kim

Mental Health Professional

Encinitas, California


Living a Vibrant Life

Dearest Behnam,


I came to you for personal coaching not really knowing what I was getting myself into. I felt I needed some structures to create an intimate relationship like one could only dream of. You have an ability to read between the lines and call me out with a gentle force I can’t explain. Your stand for my greatness was hard to be with at times.


I went from a sniffling little 6 year old running my career, my relationships with my family and of course in the middle of trying to create this awesome intimate relationship. At times it seemed like you were more passionate about my life than I was. I was able to distinguish how lazy I really am and own it. I distinguished that I am a powerful, beautiful, generous, loving and playful 36 year old woman taking on my life like I never had in my 36 years of life. In the past 6 months, I have grown up in all aspect of my life which has led me to create a life that moves me.


If I could give someone a gift they would cherish for a life time I would give them coaching from Primeco. My entire existence is playing at a completely different level. I am in the relationship of my dreams creating traveling across the world for a year. My health and wellbeing is off the charts, spiritually never been more connected, I am on the road to financial freedom and the list goes on and on.


Thank you for who you be in the world for me, I am living a vibrant life, full of love, adventure and play.


Blessing to you always,