Testimonilas on Couples Coaching


In July of 1998, my husband and I got married in a beautiful wedding with our friends and family there to celebrate with us. My husband and I were running his business and had just moved into a beautiful 4 bedroom home 1 block from my 6th grade daughter's school. By most people's standards, we were doing quite well. Yet, a year and a half later, we both felt overwhelmed and ill-equipped to have a successful marriage. We were frequently upset with each other and arguing more often than not about finances, raising my daughter, our relationship at home and at the office, social and family relationships, etc. We knew we needed to do something and agreed to get some help together. We chose CoachBehna of Primeco Education.


Our coach was a neutral party who created an environment in which my husband and I were able to communicate effectively with each other. We were really able to hear what the other needed to say without being defensive, hurt or dis-empowered. After a few hours, we were able to both be responsible for the damage our words and actions had caused and renew our commitment to our marriage as partners, present to our love for each other. As a team we created how we wanted our marriage, our family, to be.


This summer we celebrated our 3rd anniversary and the birth of our beautiful baby girl, Cassidy. We still have finances and other things to deal with, but because of Primeco Education, we now have the tools to communicate with each other and deal with our life as a married couple and a family, powerfully.


Michelle Spencer


Nothing But Miracle

My husband and I contacted CoachBehnam last month in complete despair. After 28 years in an extraordinarily communicative relationship, 11 years of marriage and 2 spectacular children, we were separating.


Although we each expressed that our children’s health and well-being was the most important aspect of this transition--we were clearly stuck and unable to get beyond our own hurt and anger. We fell completely out of communication with each other and began using the courts and the laws in a defensive fashion.


The results were not only the furthest from what we intended for our children, but we had invited a very real risk that they could become wards of the state temporarily.


We met one time with Behnam, for a period of two hours, and were expertly led back into the world of possibility. Immediately following this meeting my husband and I were back in communication, working together in our love and commitment for our family.


Now, we coordinate as partners and chat about the funny things the kids did, day care plans and our irrepressible love for our children. Our children are thriving and possibility abounds!

A letter could never express our gratitude for the compassion, service, commitment and expertise they have provided us.


If you are considering putting CoachBehnam to work in your life we congratulate you. We highly recommend him to any individual, couples and organization for their personal or professional needs.

With unending gratitude to Primeco Education & Behnam


Ellen & Sean McDonnell



A Powerful Experience

After 14 years we were at a point in our relationship where we were out of communication and not relating to each other. We knew another couple that received relationship coaching by CoachBehnam from Primeco Education and felt strongly that it was just what we needed.


Bryan’s past experience with marriage counseling was slow and unproductive. He was somewhat resistant to the idea of relationship counseling, but he was committed to examining another option. Personally, I had high expectations going into it, and have not been disappointed.


Rather than a stagnating struggle, this process moved with velocity. After one 3-hour session we were expressing our love for each other and examining the possibilities in our relationship. This has been a powerful experience.


With a great deal of respect and confidence, we would highly recommend Behnam and Primeco Education’s programs to anyone who is interested fast and effective growth and self-expression.




Lindsay Duff-Bagley and Bryan Bagley

(760) 505-8671

Inspiring Relationship

My Partner and I have been in a relationship for the past 2 ½ years. We both question if we’d still be together if it wasn’t for our relationship coaching with Primeco Education.


 Before working with Behnam, we would argue and disagree often. Our stubbornness and attitude of “I’m right and you’re wrong” would leave us both miserable. This also impeded our effectiveness as businesswomen.


After coaching with Behnam in Primeco, we still disagree and argue. However, we are acutely aware of our commitment to this relationship and our love for one another. With this atmosphere present, our arguments/disagreements are quickly resolved and we can get on to ‘making up’.


We are an incredibly powerful couple and an awesome team. Friends and clients alike are inspired by our relationship and love for one another and we are producing awesome results in every area – Lydia’s private medical practice, Naz’s Real Estate & Mortgage business, we’ve bought our first home, etc. Of course we’ve both worked very hard to produce these results – but we hadn’t been able to accomplish any of these results prior to working with Behnam and Primeco Education. We highly recommend Primeco’s programs to any families, couples and individuals.


Naz Meftah & Lydia Banuelos

(619) 992-4548 & (619) 992-4548


A Life Together

In 1997 I met and married the “girl of my dreams”, Linne.  Before the wedding we talked about what we wanted out of life together, careers, family, etc…and after the wedding we had what appeared to be a wonderful marriage and relationship.  But there was something missing.  I felt lost.  It was if I was asking myself “now what?” 


I felt stifled and unfulfilled, and I took it out on my wife.  I was ‘grumpy’ and ‘quiet’ and generally unexpressed in my relationship.  I didn’t really communicate with Linne at all.  I told her what she wanted to hear, in order to avoid conflict.  But I was kidding myself, and fooling no one. 


A year later, Behnam, the founder of Primeco Consulting, agreed to coach me and my wife, and help us rediscover that spark that had us fall in love in the first place.


The first thing we looked at in the coaching was what we were committed to in our lives & whether we were taking action in those areas or not.  When I honestly looked, I discovered that I was talking a good game but wasn’t “walking the walk”.  Through Behnam’s coaching I realized that I was committed to the same things as before, but I had not been willing to work for them.  When I took the coaching, and started taking action in my life I started my own company, I got more involved in my church, and I became closer to my wife and my entire family.  I shared with people my commitments and my dreams, and I asked them to hold me accountable. 


The romance returned to my marriage when I learned to express myself more fully and honestly.  And my professional life has blossomed in ways I could not have imagined. 


Thank you, Behnam and Primeco Education for being willing to take me on.


Jeff Scott


Turn It Around

Nine months ago I started personal coaching with Behnam through Primeco Education to improve my work effectiveness, what I got out of the coaching was my marriage back. We had been married 4 years and over those four years my Husband and I both were growing more and more distant, I was becoming very cynical and resigned. I figured that if this was the way our marriage was going to be I wanted out.


I found through my coaching sessions that I was the one who was responsible for my marriage working or my marriage not working and after fighting that idea for several months it finally hit me like a Mack truck. I was purposely pushing my Husband away and I had set things up so that he could not win with me. The impact of the seriousness of divorce turned and stared me in the face. I was shaken to the core, I started my Marriage with the commitment of Forever and I had lost that commitment.


We both out ourselves on personal coaching and also Family coaching with Primeco so that we could build the marriage we had talked about so many years before.


Divorce is no longer an option. We are communicating more openly and honestly than ever before because we both feel the safety and freedom that comes from a truly committed relationship. We have both shifted from a mindset of “what’s wrong” and “how do I fix this” to one of “we are responsible for this and let’s find the solution”. We have been setting up structures and practices so that we are both able to express ourselves and not be fearful of the other one walking out the door.


We would both like to express the importance of exploring every option before you throw in the towel and walk away, there are ways of getting back to the love that every couple starts off with and we feel the most effective solution is the coaching structure that Primeco provides.


Thank you Behnam for your time and most of all for your love and commitment to our Marriage working, we love you!


Dawn Ellinwood & Kipp Denslow

310 433 8162