Testimonilas on Breavhearts Program

Leadership Development Training

Exceed My Expectations

My experience of the Bravehearts Program has already exceeded my expectations. It has opened up possibilities in my marriage, my business and my relationships in general. I find myself taking actions in these areas that I simply couldn't see as available before. As a result, my sense of power and fulfillment has grown. The best part for me, however, is that my wife and I have begun to rediscover each other after more than 11 years of marriage!


Kevin Courington

Attorney in law

Saint Louis, Missouri

Different Way of Being

Homework assigned during the Bravehearts course gave me access to a different way, a more powerful and playful way of relating to others and myself. I saw that I had been resigned about aggressively pursuing romantic relationships after my last relationship ended. I haven't seriously dated in 16 months. Yet when I was directed to go on a date for Valentine's Day for a homework assignment, in a matter of days, I had three different dates lined up. The shift for me occurred in who I was being and what I was thinking.


Valerie Hardie

Literacy Program Administrator

City of San Diego, California

Transformed Life

I think anyone who is looking to expand their leadership abilities and try to find out what their blocks are in their businesses and even in their personal life if they want to take a lead, if there is something they are inspired by and they want to make a difference in the world I think the Bravehearts Program would be excellent for them to get involved in.

My life has actually transformed with my family and my business, in my relationships. It really has been a huge transformation in my life, which had really kind of stagnated. It's been great... It's been awesome.


Ken Westhoff

Commercial Finance Broker

Saint Louis, Missouri

This is Awesome!

All I can tell you is to hold on to your seat, because you are in for one action packed learning experience! In this course you will learn what your integrity is, how to be responsible and how to show empathy and have the foresight to become a more powerful person. You will get present that your life is happening right now.


When looking at my own integrity I have learned that I have not been true to my self, I have not enrolled others and I am always trying to do way too many things at once. To clean up my own integrity I realized that I needed to stop being such a perfectionist and to enroll others into my life. I have learned so much about myself inside and out. I have not only learned what a powerful person I can be, I have also learned that I have the power to empower other people. This is so AWSOME!!! I would recommend this way of thinking to anyone who wants to get present that their lives are happening right now!


Diana McEnroe

Owner - The finishing touch day spa

Waterloo, Iowa

Inventing Powerful Relationships

The Bravehearts program has impacted my life in profound ways. The design of the program has made a difference in how I relate to myself and how I relate to others. I am able to be more confident and at ease with my decisions and in my relationships.


I would recommend this program to anyone looking to jumpstart any area of their life where they are stuck and suffering. Bravehearts lets you take a look at those areas of your life where you have lost power and helps you to understand why you’ve lost it and then helps you restore it. Bravehearts is like a boot camp for living.


Susan Kolesar – President

Artemis Media Group

Plaine, PA


Reconnecting To My Passion

Getting re-connected to a passion of mine is what I took away from the Bravehearts course. I am in real estate sales and went into Bravehearts looking for some great techniques to use in increasing my real estate sales and to be in better communication with my clients and colleagues. I got that plus a whole lot more. I got a whole new relationship to my past industry of restaurant and hospitality, and have started on the path to realizing my dream of opening a restaurant within three years.


Kevin Folsom

Lifestyles Realtors

Atlantic Beach, Florida

Taking My Life On!

Wow!  Talk about taking life on!  Being a part of Bravehearts program, I have taken on myself to play a much bigger game in life!  I am relating to people on a new level.  Bravehearts Program is like going through a rebirth.  I look at life fresh and have distinctions of how I was before and now have awareness about myself, like a new born seeing life for the first time!  I have forgiven myself and others and learned how to love and respect myself for the first time!  I have put integrity in my life because before I always had an excuse why not to!!


I communicate so much better and feel closer to all my friends and family.  I realized I make a difference who I am being in life and now with going through this program, I have a new position as a leader in my profession. I am more confident and organized!  I take on challenges as a lesson to be learned and help others like I have never before!

It has taken me going through this program to let go and get out of my own way! 

It’s been a ride I want everyone to experience it so they can have the life they absolutely love!


Alyssa Petrie

San Diego, CA

Restoring My Power

You showed me how to restore my power – a gift that I never would have known to be so precious as it has given me complete and total “Freedom to Be.” I have access to a new future filled with great relationships and success on a higher level than I could have imagined without all that you have taught me. And no matter how long my days are on this earth, in this life, you have given me the gift of inner peace, and it is priceless. I have fallen in love with who I am and that new reality will provide me joy and power like never before. The exciting part is, I’ve only just begun building my dream life, and I am so inspired and confident knowing that I can and will turn my dreams into realities.


By applying what I’ve learned, and being a Braveheart I can do anything !!! And then there’s the rest of the world. I know that I can and will make a difference in the quality of life for others by being who I now am.

You lead by example and were relentless in your devotion to everyone’s fulfillment in the Braveheart’s course. I thank you for that and am inspired by it. Your strength of character is off the charts! I love who you are for me and who you are in the world.

Thank you so much.

Jane Messenger

Trucksville, PA