Testimonilas on Business Consulting

Business Results & Freedom

As a Business Coaching Client of Primeco Education & Behnam Bakhshandeh I am ecstatic about the results I’m producing in my work as well as my personal life. I have been in my current line of work since 1996. Before working with Behnam my business was ok. I had a regular flow of clients; however it seemed like I had very little consistency with my income. Frankly it was somewhat of a mystery to me - and the inconsistency was extremely stressful.


One of my complaints used to be that I was either (a) always working & had no time to travel, scuba dive, etc. or (b) my income was too unstable for me to take a block of time off. Within a month of my first coaching session I had a new relationship to my business and a whole new level of results.


My income for 2002 is going to be 4 times more than my highest annual income before my work with Primeco. By the way, that’s with taking 4 months off in the middle of the year! Even with that result, what’s made the biggest difference has been the consistency I’ve developed with my business. I’m relaxed, I love my work and I’m no longer worried about being able to maintain and now expand my business.


I am focused, I have a whole new level of peace and confidence and I'm in action (effectively!). This new level of performance has also created the extra time for me to do things I love to do. Over the past year, we’ve taken 3 one-week vacations and we have a 4th vacation scheduled.


When I hired Primeco & Behnam, I thought I had high expectations for the results I wanted to produce out of the business coaching. They have exceeded every one of my expectations. I’ve produced so much more than I ever dreamed possible – in every area of my life AND with balance in my life for the first time!


I highly recommend CoachBehnam & Primeco Education for any area you are interested in working on. You will get so much more than you pay for.


Nazanin Nazi Meftah

Realtor / Senior Loan Officer

Solutions Real Estate & Mortgage


Living vs. Existing

I chose to get a coach because I wanted my life to be more about my family, and my dreams. One of the greatest lessons I learned from Behnam & Primeco Education was that I am lazy. Fundamentally, at the core I am lazy! Now you might think that's a little harsh and at first I challenged him, but as I took the coaching I realized that he was right. I was the top sales person with my company, I was successful in my speaking engagements and I had a great marriage, but when it came to my life and what I wanted for my life I was lazy!


I had a list a mile long of things that I wanted to accomplish and do for my life and each year it was getting longer. I was getting more frustrated because all I seemed to do was work! Behnam showed me I was stuck in the "Rocking Chair syndrome": moving back and forth going nowhere! After six months of his support, guidance, and direction I got my life back. I accomplished more on my "DREAM" board that year than in any previous year. I made more money (growth of 30%), played harder, traveled more, spent quality time with my husband & my family and I exceeded all professional benchmarks that I had set for myself.


I was able to accomplish all that because I put an accountability structure in place called a coach. I learned how to relate to myself as my word, to follow a schedule, to speak the truth, and most importantly to have fun! If you want to do and have all that you have been "talking about" doing and having then I suggest you hire CoachBehnam!


Give yourself the gift of your life, after all, you only have one and you might as well make it the best one.


Julie Shepperly

VP of Education-Trainer


Acting in The Face of Fear

When I started coaching with Primeco Education & CoachBehnam I was very confronted in my personal relationship. I was afraid to commit and my relationship was at a standstill. In my professional life, I was nervous, scared and completely stopped with the thought of starting my own practice.


Through my coaching sessions with Behnam, I realized I was the one who was at a standstill. I am now in action in these areas of my life.


Within a month of coaching I have established my own practice that is growing with patients beyond my target goals. I am committed to my relationship which continues to grow and expand beyond what I thought was possible. I am absolutely fulfilled and happy with my professional and personal life.


Lydia Banuelos, M.D.

Pediatric Ophthalmologist


Phenomenal Results

It has been truly an honor to meet and work with Behnam. With his unique way of coaching, I have realized phenomenal results in my personal, professional and business life.


Kenneth G. Patton

Business owner and Mayor

Laceyville, Pennsylvania


Being Intentional

Having Behnam and Primeco Education as my coach for the last year has been an extraordinary experience. As a result, many areas of my life have expanded. Having him stand for me and support me even when I didn't believe in myself has made a big difference. To know that I could trust him allowed me to surrender to his coaching, and it created a strong foundation for our relationship.


I am more able to communicate with people. I now take responsibility for what I say and how I leave people. I have a greater feeling of being related to people and no longer feel like I am on the outside looking in. I now accept their love and support. In short, I feel I have grown up. I have learned to be intentional and create structures. As a result, my business has grown. Behnam's coaching has given me the ability to say what I want and really go after it.


Arda Hagopian


(818) 996-7825

Not Managing By Emotions

Through my coaching with Primeco Education & Behnam I have learned to be responsible for my life. I am the one that controls my life -- no one else. Coaching has made a difference in my personal life and in managing my business. I have learned to not live by my emotions. I have learned to like myself the way I am instead of the way I think I should be. Actually learning my values was the greatest lesson I have ever learned. I will always use this coaching in my life because it really works.


Thank you CoachBehnam.


Myra English

Owner – Myra J. A Salon

Defiance, Ohio



Committed To Our Success

Behnam's commitment to my success is unwavering. I don't always like the coaching he gives me but I always love the result. I would highly recommend his coaching services to anyone I know.


Bert Carder


Your Beauty Network, Inc.

760-435-2600 Ex. 222


Communication Skills 

After attending a one day seminar given by Primeco Education & Behnam Bakhshandeh and sponsored by the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce, I was very excited with the material presented.


After the seminar I enrolled in the Coaching program the company offered.  Coaching by Behnam has changed my business life as well as my personal life.  Through the structure Primeco puts in place, their clients can’t fail.  I have attained goals I never would have without the coaching program. The communication skills alone have been invaluable in my business and personal life. 


Primeco Education takes and unconditional stand with their clients for both of their success.


Beth Borel

Business Owner

Meshoppen, PA