Special Programs

Accountability Coaching

For powerful, committed and open-minded people with vision and interest in leadership who are taing a stand for outstanding results in their lives and their profession.


We will train and develop you to perform with greater responsibility, accountability and commitment to your life and what you do for living. You will have a clear understanding of your personal and business values and vision and demonstrate a higher level of self-expression.


You will transform the “I’ll do my best” attitude to “I’ll get it done” attitude for yourself and others and you will learn how to build an environment of teamwork, excellence and results by creating “Win-Win” situations.


You will create and invent a new set of personal and professional operational practices that allow you to pursue your goals and be effective.

How it works


This program consists of twelve months of one-on-one coaching and consulting for two hour a month with you and your accountability partner.  In this program you, your accountability partner and your coach will work on your commitments through understanding your operational behaviors and their effect on your life & your business.  In this program you and your accountability partner will learn and implement systems and structures that will empower you to achieve your goals for your profession as well as your personal life.


In this program you will support and take a stand for your greatness as well as your partner’s at the same time.


□ Basic (Relating to the reality of your world)

And Advance (Inventing your vision & planning it)

24 hours – 12 months program - 2 calls a month


□ Masters – I (Creating & building your mastery)

And Masters – II (Maintaining your mastery & power)

24 hours – 12 months program - 2 calls a month


  • Accomplish more in less time.

  • Become a results producer now vs. a “someday, if I can” dreamer.

  • Overcome negativity in the workplace.

  • Invent and implement targeting, forecasting and tracking systems that allow you to be responsible for your business operations.

  • Move strategy into reality.

  • Foster honest and effective communications with your co-workers, employees and customers that make a difference.

  • Have higher self-confidence and effectiveness by developing “success attitudes.”

  • Shift the mindset from problems to solutions.

  • Train to focus on and achieve your personal and business purpose and goals.




  • If participants signed up for both the Basic/Advanced and Mastery I / II at the same time they would get 3 extra hours (2 hour to Basic/Advanced and 1 hours to Mastery I / II) with no additional charge.


  • These extra hours do not apply in the case of the discounted rates.

Jump Start Your Transformation

The Fastest, Easiect Way to Jump Start Your Transformation!


Do you want to:


  • Lost weight?

  • Make more money?

  • Get your dream job?

  • Be more organized & efficient?

  • Have great communication skills?

  • Enjoy better and more intimate relationship?


Good! Because that's what our clients achive!

Are you ready for the next step?


Pick any area of your life where you are stuck. You and your coach will jump in and transform your roadblock in FOUR WEEKS! Toy will realize amazing resuls through the guidance and support of your expert coach!

Retainer Plan


For coacing and consulting clients who completed all four phases of coaching and consulting programs and would lik eto contenue having access to their expert coach.


  • No long term contracts

  • Access to a professional coach as you need

  • Short conversations if it is necessary

  • No need to have access to e-mail or a computer

  • No assignments if it is not necessary

  • Use your hours as you need them

  • Don’t need to be worried about the next months payment

  • It is less expensive compared to one-on-one coaching

  • Pick the bigger plan to save even more money