Organizational Development

How does your organization identify issues and deal with challenges of increasing productivity, decreasing turnover, and building workable teams?

We are prepared to assess, analyze, and realize your organizations’ issues before offering solutions.

We will provide your organization with proven and research-based solutions that empower your management team and workforce to overcome the challenges they are facing and build a high-performance culture.

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New Release on OD Interventions

Educate Yourself in OD Interventions


This book is designed for use by OD practitioners, management, and human resources professionals, this book provides readers with OD basic principles, practices, and skills by featuring illustrative case studies and useful tools. This book shows how OD professionals can actually get work done and what the step-by-step OD effort should be.


This book provides a practical guide for OD interventions. Each chapter provides practical information about general OD interventions, supplies best practice examples and case studies, summarizes the results of best practices, provides at least one case scenario, and offers at least one relevant tool for practitioners.

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Coach Behnam always indicates the practical applications organization development work has for our organization, plus the growth and development of our current and future workforce and management. Behnam delivered his promises and the desired outcome of our strategic needs assessment and OD intervention attempt.

David Hollander

Director of Human Resources

During his involvement, Coach Behnam has proven to be an invaluable resource and an excellent trainer and consultant. He successfully worked with our executive team, management team and our workforce to increase productivity, team cohesiveness, and helped us build an effective and strong organizational structure.

Sasson Sarooei

President & CEO

Coach Behnam's experience in business consulting, strategic planning and personal and professional development was invaluable to our company and helped us to not only sell our company but also support us to establish our new organization’s vision statement, mission statement, and principle values.

Belinda Belitz

President and General manager

OD & Change Interventions

Organization Development & Change Interventions

Create an influential organizational culture and positive working environment that promote teamwork, communication, productivity, and sustainability.

High-Perfromance Coaching

High-Performance Coaching for Individuals, Teams & Organizations

Build a high-performance culture and develop your teams with strong competencies, knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Team Building

Team Building for Businesses & Organizations

Enhance interpersonal relationships between team members while categorizing team members, responsibilities, and functions for increasing productivity.