Behnam Bakhshandeh is an accomplished business manager, known widely as a dynamic writer, speaker, personal and business coach and trainer. Implementing his skills as a passionate, visionary leader, he produces extraordinary results in record time. Behnam brings his broad experience and successful track record to each project, whether it involves personal development, implementing customer-focused programs, integrating technologies, marketing, redesigning operational core processes, or delivering strategic initiatives.

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Before designing Primeco Education technology, Behnam led educational programs and later managed operations for a global education organization based in two major US cities. During this seven-year period, Behnam worked personally with tens of thousands of participants. He was accountable for expanding customer participation, training program leaders, increasing sales, and improving the finance department's efficiency and management of the overall operations for the staff and their team of over 400 volunteers, who together served an annual client base of over 10,000.


Behnam designed the Primeco Education technology in 2001. Since then, he and his team members have helped countless businesses and individuals not only achieve their goals, but also transform their thinking. His proven methodology is based on his extensive experience in business and human relations.


He consistently delivers and works with others to produce results beyond what was predicted or expected. This exceptional rate of business and personal growth is the result of his high integrity, unprecedented teamwork, open communication, and a contagious, unflinching commitment to excellence in all business operations, personal relationships, and professional interactions. Behnam is a shining example of how combining vision and goals with hard work consistently pays off beyond even the highest expectations. His work with businesses has resulted in successful team building, companies that grow through a shared vision, efficient process redevelopment, increased revenues, and work environments that support employee satisfaction and retention.

Behnam Bakhshandeh
Founder & President of Primeco Education, Inc.
Author, Speaker, Executive Coach & Trainer
Personal & Organization Development Expert

Functional Expertise:

  • Keynote Speaker

  • OD & HRD Consultant

  • Change Agent

  • Executive Director

  • Program Designer

  • CEO / COO

  • Program Leader

  • Workshops Facilitator

  • Business Consultant

  • Project Manager

Core Competencies: 

  • Rapid Business Growth

  • Change Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Organization Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Performance Consulting

  • High Performance Results

  • Team Building

  • Transformation Technologies

  • Management Leadership Training

Committed to lifelong education, Behnam went back to school and earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology with the University of Phoenix in record time -- just 26 months.  He continued his graduate studies at Penn State University to earn a Master of Professional Study in Organizational Development and Change in 19 months. Currently, Behnam is on the last year of his graduate studies for his Doctorate in Workforce Education & Development with emphasis on Human Resources Development (HRD) and Organization Development (OD) in College of Education at Penn State. Behnam enjoyed expanding into psychology as an addition to his already strong background in philosophy and ontology. He particularly enjoyed and was inspired by Positive Psychology and the work of many psychologists who used the Humanistic Psychology approach for empowering and treating their patients. Behnam finds these two psychological approaches very similar to his own work, methodology, and approaches.


Behnam is widely known for his commitment to making a difference in every life he touches.  He is distinguished in his field for delivering outcomes that leave all his clients fulfilled in realizing their dreams.  His rigor ensures that results are produced while his compassion and sense of humor bring a play to every working relationship.