What is Life Coaching?

  • Professional life coaching is a highly effective tool for individuals and organizations.

  • It is for people who choose to have their future realized now, instead of "maybe," "someday" or "if it's not too hard." 

    It is an intimate, non-linear inquiry into your own authenticity.

  • It is for healthy, ambitious, brave and open-minded people who strive for excellence.

  • It is about empowering you, expanding your perspective and opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

  • Professional life coaches help people discover and identify what they want from their lives and to create series of action plans with a life strategy plan to achieve it.

  • Coaching is about identifying the essence of “who you are”, becoming aware of your patterns and getting unstuck from old behavior patterns and limiting beliefs.

  • Life Coaching is about inventing a life vision, designing goals, creating your own future and coming to a choice in all aspects of your life. Testimonials


What is the Coach's role in the coaching relationship?

  • A Life Coach’s role is to create partnerships/relationships that revolve around you, your life, your accomplishments and your personal growth. 

  • You and your coach will invent strategies that inspire and empower you to take action toward your goals.

  • Your coach encourages and challenges you along the way. Your coach is your champion to get you where you want to go and who you desire to be, without judgment.

  • Your coach will assist you in discovering your own answers to your own challenges.  Your coach provides a series of powerful questions to expand your perspective.

  • A Life Coach will open up your view to new possibilities, opportunities and clarities in life, which will provide you a clearer path to your goals.

  • Your Life Coach is your personal change expert who is directing you in a direction you said you want to go. Testimonials


What is the Coach's commitment in the coaching relationship?

  • At Primeco Education we are committed to the following: “To remove the obstacles that people face in building sustained growth and success, personally and professionally.”

  • We also stand to deliver the commitment known as the “Four Cornerstones of our Organization”:  To Be, To Listen, To Stand & To Cause. Our Vision


What are the benefits of Coaching?

There are many benefits people have received from our coaching in Primeco Education, but the following are the most reported:

  • Increased velocity and success

  • Recapture your interests and passions

  • Accomplish more in less time

  • Stretch your imagination and self-expression

  • Invent a vision and put it into practice

  • Communicate directly and clearly

  • Increase overall efficiency and effectiveness

  • Fall in love with life again and live it fully! Testimonials



How do we achieve these benefits from Life Coaching?

  • By assisting you to see internally into your emotional and spiritual world.

  • By focusing on personal development and personal growth that empowers people’s ability to achieve the results they desire in their lives both personally and professionally.

  • By walking with you through your personal journey to transform consciousness.

  • By directing you to unlock your purpose and your passion in life.

  • By assisting you to see, own and become responsible for all of you, good, bad & ugly.

  • By showing you how you can transform your pain to lifetime wisdom.


What is your Coaching Methodology?

  • We use dialogue, processes and action plans that are designed to empower participants. You will look closely at the core beliefs and personal realities determining your direction in life. Also, review how well you achieve personal and professional results.

  • As you become more aware of these beliefs and realities, you will learn to take responsibility for your behavior and choices. You will dissolve your barriers to self-expression, success and fulfillment.

  • Our coaching will give you the tools you need to look at your personal and professional life, and its challenges, from new perspectives. You will develop practices and actions that support a new and empowering way of living.

  • Your coach will walk along side you, holding you responsible for completion of your action plan and offering support, encouragement, and accountability.

  • Our coaching programs empower you to take ownership of your life and to become actively engaged with your life in order to fulfill your life vision, both personally and professionally.


Is coaching confidential?

  • Absolutely, 100%

  • We have a confidentiality clause in all of our coaching programs agreements.


What is the difference between Life Coaching and Business Coaching?

  • Not a big difference, in general.

  • We believe that the person who is running the business is the same person in his/her life.

  • How a person views their world, other relationships, productivity as well as the way they make decisions will determine their directions in life personally or professionally.

  • Structurally, in the Business Coaching you will get everything that is in the Personal Coaching, plus more.

  • There are 12 additional topics in the Business Coaching that are not included in the Personal Coaching.

  • In the Personal Coaching program we will not involve a management strategy, marketing plan or any other structure of your business.


What is the Business Coaching program?

  • For more information about this program see the options available in our navigation menu under Business Consulting.

  • Read what other business owners have said about our business coaching program. Testimonials


What is the Team & Organization Training program?


Do you have a Leadership Development Program?

  • Yes, we do.

  • Our leadership development program is called Bravehearts.

  • Read what other professionals have said about our leadership development program. Testimonials


How will Coaching make a difference in my business or my organization?


What is the difference between Professional Coaching, Therapy/Counseling and Mentoring?

  • Therapy deals with in-depth issues and their origins in order to heal from the past. Coaching is more forward thinking in its approach and dealing with how to create a future.

  • The Coaching focus is to work with healthy people who are motivated to grow and change. Consulting offers specific advice and answers to particular problems; however, coaching asks thought-provoking questions. These questions challenge clients to see their problems with greater insight and gain the ability to develop their own solutions to change their own lives. 

  • Mentoring is more of a process to impart skills, share information and give a new perspective to the mentored. Coaching has less to do with being an authority in any particular skill, job, or life situation but has more to do with knowing how to expertly utilize the basic principles on how people excel in life.

  • Therapy and Counseling deal with healing pain. The focus of coaching is to look at where you are today and where you want to go, and support you in achieving those goals.

  • Therapy is about looking back and healing prior pain. While Coaching can profoundly heal, the focus is really on present circumstances and what’s possible, to fulfill the life vision that has been created by the client with the support and assistance of their coach.

  • Coaching also holds the client as naturally creative, resourceful and whole. There is nothing wrong with the client and nothing to fix, just removing obstacles they experience.


Why would someone want to hire a Professional Life Coach?

Anyone seeking to get results in life who is willing to work for it hires a life coach! Because:

  • They are smart enough to know they can’t do it by themselves, because if they could, they would have done it by now.

  • They want more from life or what they do for a living.

  • They are tired of running around wishing, hoping and dreaming for something different.

  • They want to grow and aren't sure how to get started, where to go and how to do it.

  • They want their life to be simpler, happier and have more joy.

  • They want to start a business, or thrive in the business they already have.

  • They want to create balance and peace of mind in their personal and professional life.

  • They want to be healthier, more fit or lose weight.

  • They want someone who can listen and really hear them without judgment.

  • They have goals that they haven't reached, but they have not given up yet.

  • They want to stop making excuses and start realizing their dreams, now!

  • They want to have more time, more fun, and less stress.

  • They want to improve their relationships in their family, with their friends and their team members.

  • They want to get focused, be organized and productive.

  • They want more clients, more customers and to win more.

  • They want accountability and responsibility.

  • They want to be in love again, with others and with life itself.


How do I know if Coaching is right for me or my business?

You are more than welcome to take a personal or professional survey by clicking here [Program Survey] and reviewing your answers. After you have completed that first step, send us a request for a free sample session by clicking here.


Why do you choose to be a Life Coach?

  • There is nothing I enjoy more than standing and supporting people in living their lives in full.

  • I am grateful to be alive and to share my humanity, my failures, my success and my wisdom with others so they can also experience a fulfilled and complete life.

  • I have a passion for personal growth and love creating an intimate, safe and healing space for my clients.

  • Every day when I am talking to my clients I am alive, I am inspired and I am learning from them while I am coaching them to have an amazing life or productivity in their business or career.

  • Our clients and I are creating an intimate and trusting relationship that lasts for many years after we have finishing our coaching relationship.

  • I feel totally alive and vibrant when I’m with my coaching clients and we are in the process of coaching.

  • I’m am amazed at what’s available when we clear away our “Inner Chatter”, the one who wants to keep us small, being afraid, justify our decisions and hold us back.

  • It’s an absolute honor to witness the transformation of people in front of my eyes and knowing they trust me with their lives or their business.


Can I become a professional Life Coach?

  • Yes, you can. Developing professional life coaches is something we love to do.

  • The Primeco Coaching Academy is designed specifically for professionals who are committed to have “Making a Difference” be their career, their lifestyle and their profession. 

  • Read what other coaches have said about our Coaching Academy. Testimonials


Where can I learn more about Coach Behnam?

  • Please visit Meet CoachBehnam page to find out more.

  • Google “Behnam Bakhshandeh” or “Primeco Education.”

  • Search Behnam Bakhshandeh on YouTube.

  • Or try one of these social networking sites:






How do I know Life Coaching will work?

  • Please visit our Testimonials page and read what hundreds of our clients have said about who they are, what they got out of different coaching programs and how we supported them to get where they want to go in life, personally or professionally.

  • We are proud of our clients and their view of us as their coach.



Do you have supporting material or maintenance programs that will help me after coaching?

  • Yes, we do and we are very proud of them.

  • At Primeco Education we are committed to serving our customers with the highest regard and best quality possible.

  • Based on our commitment to remove the obstacles people face in building and sustaining growth and development, personally and professionally, we provide a series of CDs, DVDs and books.

  • The public, as well as our valuable clients, can easily access these products for their own private use.

  • We are committed to expanding this library with more products that will assist everyone in having a greater understanding of themselves, more effectiveness in life and ultimately more success on all levels.

  • Please visit our Online Store and review our supporting products.

  • We offer a Retainer Plan for our clients and the public to use our coaching methodology and approaches when needed and desired.


Where does Life Coaching take place?

  • For Personal Coaching and Business Coaching One-On-One the preferred method is Skype or phone, because the phone/Skype sessions can be easily adapted into busy lives.

  • For our Team & Organization Training we will travel to our client’s city and deliver the program in person.

  • Face-to-face sessions in our office are available for some local clients who prefer this method.

  • We use e-mail as a means of communication between sessions for quick updates and/or to answer any questions that may arise.

  • Having a coach who is not in the same community or even the same part of the country is an advantage. It will place your coach well outside the culture or environment that you live and work, providing you a sense of distance, objectivity and perspective.


Do you work with people outside of the United States?

  • Yes, we work with clients all around the world.

  • As long as we can speak the same language, we are at their service.

  • Our commitment is to serve our clients and anyone who wants to have a breakthrough in their life. We will make ourselves available and make the time zone differences work for both the client and the coach.


How are the Life Coaching and Business Coaching programs structured? How do they work?

  • Our coaching programs, personally or professionally, consist of four parts and each part is designed to prepare you for the next level.

  • Each level will bring you to a whole new way of thinking, how you participate in your life and how you operate. 

  • In each of our coaching sessions together we will determine where you are, discover what you really want and where you want to go.

  • Then we will identify areas that you feel stuck and create strategies on how to overcome them.

  • We engage in a rigorous conversation for empowering you in fulfilling your commitments, bringing forth your effectiveness in communicating with others in your home or your business, with your family or with your associates, customers or team members.

  • You also become related to the reality of your situation and resolve your personal or your professional issues. 

  • We follow each of these conversations with a series of electronic communications and “fine tuning” coaching between sessions. 

  • The four segments are as follows:

    • Basic (Relating to the reality of your world) - 12 hours – 3 to 3-1/2 month program - 1 call a week.

    • Advanced (Inventing your vision & planning it) - 12 hours– 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 month program-1 call a week

    • Mastery I (Creating & building your mastery) - 12 hours – 6 month program - 2 calls a month

    • Mastery II (Maintaining your mastery & power) - 12 hours – 12 month program - 1 call a month


Do you work with couples?

  • Yes, we do.

  • We have options to work with couples at the same time or work with them separately.

  • In some cases, given the intensity of their situations, we recommend they work with us individually until they are ready to be together on our couple sessions.

  • For more information about this program click on Couples Coaching.

  • Read what our clients have said about our Couples Coaching program. Testimonials


Do you work with teenagers?

  • No, not at this time.

  • The minimum requirement for professional coaching within our organization is 18 years of age.


Do you coach people with substance abuse issues?

  • No, we are not the proper forum for people with drug or alcohol addictions.

  • We have worked with people who have had previous addiction problems. This is after they have completed their work with professional alcohol and drug counselors or therapists.


Do you work with people with mental disorders or mental illness?

  • No, we are not the proper forum for people with mental illness or mental disorders.


How much does Life Coaching or Business Coaching cost and how can I pay?

  • Depends to the program of your choice, such as personal, business or couples. The tuition will vary.

  • You will register for the program by providing a deposit.

  • Tuition is paid monthly, on the 1st or the 15th, as per our contract.

  • We accept cash, check, Visa, Master Card, Discover, debit cards with Visa & MC and PayPal.

  • Please contact our office at (570) 267-2406 or e-mail for more information about pricing and to set up an orientation call (15-30 minutes) to answer any questions you may have.


How long will I need to be coached?

  • That’s entirely up to you, depending on your circumstances and desire for personal growth.

  • You can start with our Basic program and after that move on to higher levels.

  • You can get a 10% discount by putting your deposit for Basic & Advanced at the same time and keeping your payments on a monthly basis.

  • You also can get a 20% discount by signing up for all four segments at the same time by submitting a deposit for all four and keeping your payments on a monthly basis.

  • So far 82% of our clients took advantage of these offers and completed all four segments at the discounted rates.


When can I start?

  • You can get started today!

  • Call us at (570) 267-2406 or e-mail us at to set up our orientation call (15-30 minutes) and to answer any questions you might have.

  • On the orientation call we will collect all the necessary information from you and select the day and time that works best for the coaching calls.

  • After orientation, we will send your contract and start working immediately.